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The Meindl Island is the most awarded outdoor boot in history.

Meindl Island

The flagship of the Meindl outdoor range, the Meindl Island was originally conceived as a all-terrain boot for Europe's specialist mountain warfare troops. Since inception in the nineties it has undergone continuous improvement and refinement. This has led it to become the worlds most awarded outdoor boot in history.

Probably it is the most copied boot design in the world also. But no other manufacturer comes close to Meindl’s dedication to quality and design! The Island is designed to function as a general purpose outdoor boot and cover as much of the spectrum of terrain and use types as possible. Ideal for movement across broken or steep terrain when load carriage is medium to heavy (20-60kg+) and equally flexible for use on trails, paths and even around the office! The boots are most at home in temperate environments.

Meindl Island

A favourite boot amongst hundreds of thousands of Meindl fans the world over. You won’t go wrong with a pair of Islands.

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Advice from Meindl

  • This boot is awesome for activities in temperate environments. In very hot environments it may be a little warm on the feet, so wear thinner wicking socks there.
  • The boot is an ideal choice when you are carrying medium to heavy loads (20-60+kg).
  • When wearing these during parachute or fast rope insertion, it is recommended to apply tape over the open lace eyelets to prevent snags and hang-ups.
  • Ankle support is substantial in these boots but most users end up wearing them in every situation and terrain because they are just so comfy. The boot shaft is flexible enough to allow driving.
  • Apply Meindl Sport Wax liberally to the heel flex zone, the exposed seams and toe flex zones to prevent leather drying and cracking in these high wear zones.
  • Sport Wax makes the leather go several shades darker and gives it an oily repellent finish.
  • Take care to read the Nubuk leather care instructions in this website and don’t dry them too fast by the fire in the hut 😉!

Care Product

Meindl Sport Wax

Meindl Sport Wax


Island Design Priorities

Meindl Island design points

Island Features

  • Internal polymer toe cap with generous volume.
  • Multi-piece upper allows extremely accurate and comfortable boot design. Maximises comfort and fit right out of the box.
  • Quadruple stitching on exposed seams. The Polyamide fibres are laid down in embossed seam tracks to minimise exposure and abrasion.


  • DIGAfix® lacing system. Provides perfect support to the ankle and holds the heel into the boots heel counter to increase stability and guard against heel rubbing and blisters.
  • Open shaft laces hooks for quick don and doff and lace locking.
  • GORE-TEX® lining for 100% waterproofness and vapour permeable breathability.
  • Meindl Air pumping and moisture drainage system. During walking motion air is forced through channels in the upper and tongue material. This serves to drive out water and increase the vapour release of the GORE-TEX® lining.
  • PU foam midsole for optimised shock absorption, vibration dampening, rebound and flexibility.
  • Rubber outsole optimised for use in rural terrain with self-cleaning profile.
  • Very comfortable orthotic full-length differential tapered polyamide shank with defined torsion and flexation zones. Medium flex to provide optimum support in as much of the use spectrum and terrain types as possible.
  • Flexible Crampon compatible.
  • Multi-core Polyaramid reinforced laces for ultimate strength and reliability.

  • Synthetic internal structure supports to optimise the ratio of ankle support and flexibility; even when the leather is soaked. Rigidity and ankle support is optimised for use in heavy load carrying situations and movement across broken terrain.

Meindl MFS

  • Meindl (MFS) Memory Foam System. Heat activated responsive memory foam padding in key fit and support areas to ensure an amazingly customised fit.


  • AIR-ACTIVE® SOFT PRINT footbed by Vildona® wicks perspiration from the feet and transport it away from the sole to the permeable lining.
  • Aggressive Meindl Multigriff® sole pattern provides optimum balance of adhesion, braking, lateral stability and toe thrust.
  • Meindl differential walking system. Differential roll effect is produced by the shank and sole to encourage efficient gait.

meindl multigriff sole

  • Weight: 880gm per shoe in size 8UK
  • Height: 18cm in size 8UK
  • UK 5-12 in half sizes, 13-17 in full sizes. 

Meindl Island

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Why choose MEINDL?


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We will do our best to get you into the right boot for your purpose and the right fit on your feet. We make the process clear and easy.



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