Meindl – A visionary in technology and innovation

Over the years, we have developed many technologies for the widest variety of uses. Our philosophy has always been to concentrate on the essential thing, which is the boot. Only in this way can we use our full range of skills for continuous improvements, new technologies and innovations. Meindl offers the right technologies to all those people who enjoy walking in the mountains and outdoors: mountaineers, trekkers, low level walkers and families with children.

Over 200 parts and operations go into creating the worlds best boots. Engineered designs are ubiquitous in all Meindl boots
Meindl Construction

Rubber armour is used on the outside in high wear areas. 
Uppers are predominantly leather. No other material can match high quality leather for abrasion resistance, suppleness yet strength, breath-ability and water resistance. Meindl use proprietary synthetic stiffeners to provide orthotically correct support to the foot in the right places.
Foam layers are highly reticulated meaning they stay porous and move air across the outside of the waterproof membrane during walking.
Waterproof membranes used by Meindl are the most breathable versions of the venerable GORE-TEX® membrane. It is placed next to the skin so that it's internal wicking layer retrieves perspiration directly from the foot and uses body heat to drive it directly out through the membrane.

Footbeds are designed by Meindl to provide the perfect balance of firmness yet cushioning to cradle the foot whilst preventing it from moving inside the boot preventing rub spots.
Orthotic Shanks run the full length of every one of our technical boots. Each is specifically designed to have the ideal amount of heel stability, torsion control and toe flex for the design purpose of the boot. Orthotic arch support and metatarsal isolation is built right into the shank.
Midsoles made of high quality PU or EVA provide the cushioning to the boot along with energy return to make the gait more efficient. The design of the shank and sole aligns more body mass over the ball of the foot, reducing pressure on heels and making an extremely efficient walking motion.
Outsole hardness is tailored to the specific design purpose of the boot to ideally balance wear, edge holding and adhesion.

Under heavy load carriage and on steep gradients the foot is subjected to extreme forces and fatigue.

Stability provides injury prevention. In order to prevent injuries the foot must be immobilised in the rear areas but also allowed controlled flex in the toe area. Meindl boots achieve this through expert material selection and full length polymer shanks designed for the specific boot purpose. Controlled flex and torsion varies by boot category to be optimal for the intended activities.

Ankle sprains are the most common mechanical outdoor injury. Controlling and limiting ankle movement is key to preventing this injury.

Controlled ankle flexation provides injury prevention. By employing correctly shaped synthetic stiffening Meindl control and limit the ankle roll. An amount of roll is allowed but restricted before reaching the injury point. Easy fore-aft flex is still allowed for comfortable walking. Alpine boots allow minimal or no flex.

Truly flexible and pressure free, diagonal fixing in the instep area

Meindl DiGAfix® correctly positions the heel in the heel counter.

1. The heel stays put, it does not move and rub holes in your skin or the boot lining.
2. Provides solid ankle support and lateral injury prevention whilst allowing good fore-aft flexion during heel-toe walking.
3. Your foot stays locked into the rear of the boot. No more toe bashing on those big downhill runs.

Only Meindl boots feature a true controlled walking system
Meindl Walking System

Human feet are simply not bio-mechanically optimised for traversing very steep terrain with heavy loads. After extremely detailed research into how human feet interact with the walking surface Meindl have cracked it. 

Differential density foam and rubber are used at defined points along the sole to provide just the right amount of flex, cushioning and rebound to the foot as it rolls through it's gait during walking.

The world renowned Walking System is situated under a fully orthotic polyamide shank which is in effect the chassis that the boot is built on. This orthotically accurate form cradles the foot in its correct shape and position in relation to the skeletal train, bringing the natural balance point forward on to the ball of the foot.

Meindl employ synthetic structural stays under the leather upper to provide optimal stiffness and support in key areas of the boot. Because this special material does not absorb water, it maintains it's support even when wet, and for the life of the boot.

These design attributes combine to ensure the wearer is constantly held in a physical state that dramatically reduces the likelihood of twisting ankles, pulling ligaments or over-extending joints.  Especially supportive of knees and hips when traversing rough and steep off-trail conditions.

Memory Foam System (MFS)

Totally unique to Meindl. MFS may be an expensive material, but the fit and comfort is absolutely second to none.

The MFS foam uses body heat to individually adapt to your foot and ankle shape. A true custom fit!

Meindl meets the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise

An extremely thin durable membrane that has billions of tiny pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet but 700 times larger than water vapour. Water is kept out while perspiration vaporises, meaning your feet stay drier and more aerated no matter what! Sock selection is important with GORE-TEX® boots.

At Meindl we really CARE about people with wide feet. We have something special for you
Comfort fit®

Meindl Comfort fit® is available in both Mens and Ladies models! So if you know you've been cramping your toes into uncomfortable boots, it is time for a revolution.

More space at the front of the foot allowing a straighter line for the big toe and natural splay of the smaller toes.

Maintains a firm grip on the heel whilst you stand on a wider, more natural base.

The more defined contour enables easier heel-toe rollover when walking.

The Comfort fit® design points add up to easier and more efficient walking gait and a lot more comfort for wide feet.

Meindl rounds off the exquisite COMFORT FIT® boot concept with a special footbed and volume change options

The Comfort fit® footbed provides the ideal support base and extra support where required. The footbed consists of three components:
Cambrelle® fleece liner provides excellent padding and moisture wicking.
Poron® shock absorbers provide equisite comfort under the heel and arch. Poron® is an amazing material that never crushes and has excellent rebound.
Cork is used in the structural support base that perfectly cups the heel and supports the arches.

Under the footbed is a removable volume spacer. If the wearer needs maximum volume, this spacer can be pulled out and the footbed reinserted.

We are yet to find a foot too wide for our Comfort fit® boots.

Hygienic comfort of Meindl shoes perfected with Vildona® Drysole material

It has great heat isolating attributes, excellent absorbency, moisture transfer and drying characteristics. 

With walking motion the moisture is forcibly pushed to the waterproof membrane where it is released.

When you remove the insole after wearing, the rate of drying is extreme. Even in the wilderness, the footbed can be removed and dried while you sleep.

Most of our boots have a Ladies version with specific fit for fairer feet
ladies specific fit

 On average, womens feet need a fit that has less volume through the mid-foot, a slightly higher arch, greater heel-toe drop, petite heel counter and slightly lower cuff on the boot shaft. This doesn't hold true for every lady, for example we fit many ladies into wide-fit and standard-fit boots to suit their feet.

The uber innovation for optimal climate comfort in your boots.
Air Revolution®

On Air Revolution® models, the tongue adjacent to the foot is a combination of 3D mesh and permanently cushioning, reticulated and perforated foam. The Air Revolution® tongue extends beyond the top of the boot and facilitates air exchange to the outside of the boot. As each step is taken, the 3D mesh is compressed and released, pumping air through the boot and out the top. It is a revolution in foot climate!

on critical terrain in the mountains, every little detail is important
Alpine Technology

Built for ultra lightweight and extreme convenience, and at all times total safety. Key Meindl models feature Alpine sole configurations for fitting semi-auto crampons. The configuration removes the rear protrusion making it possible to tread down and roll off in an economical and natural way.
TPU heel spoiler with crampon connector allows for protrusion free mounting.
Midsole has two component cushioning consisting of an ultra light PU moulded layer and a thin integrated shock absorber layer.
Outsole made of hard compound to hold an edge when sidling and cutting steps (C and D category boots).

Ultimate heel hold and decent ankle support is possible on boots EQUIPPED WITH OUR VARIOFIX® SYSTEM even if the boots are very lightly built

A difficult design challenge is achieving strong ankle support and heel hold in a lightly built boot. Meindl have developed the exclusive Variofix® system to solve this problem. When lacing up, the speedwire is pulled closely and evenly around the heel and ankle. This provides positive locking and support in this critical area.