About Meindl

Meindl's core values of Tradition, Sustainability and Highest Performance drive everything we do.

Many Anglo speakers wonder how to pronounce Meindl, It is pronounced "Mine-dil"

Meindl's reputation for quality and performance in handkraft has been built over many generations.

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We use only the best materials which are meticulously selected, masterly crafted, and expertly finished. Every piece of leather is individually assessed for quality before being transformed into a boot. Components are carefully and deliberately selected to be a perfect match to the products purpose.

Continuous improvement through always questioning, always listening and always striving. By combining proven materials such as leather with new technologies and processes continues to push Meindl beyond any other brand.

Lukas Meindl, Managing Director, personally conducting quality control and educating staff. Awards are a regular occurrence at Meindl.


Crafted to enjoy nature, not harm it. Only a respectful and careful approach to business ensures that our brand grows without expense to the environment. Careful selection and operation of production facilities with minimised waste and Carbon output is at the forefront of our plan.

 People are the core of our business. Every single one of our boots is touched by Human hands. Working for our community and right treatment of our people is central to our business model.

We produce with respect for our people and through service to those who protect our society and our environment.

Lukas (left) and Lars (right) Meindl, Managing Directors, at their Headquarters in Bavaria, Germany.


Over 300 years of technological progress in the family company and still the ideal of highest quality and pride of craft is the arbiter of every pair of our boots. This legacy underpins every pair of boots that bares the Meindl name.

Our philosophy is that the Human hand cannot be removed from the production. Only the Human eye and hand can be trained to the level of skill and perception required to produce to the highest standard.

Lukas Meindl Senior creating Meindl boots circa 1928 and a Meindl craftsman creating a modern double stitched boot.


The historical records show that the Meindl family have been making footwear and leather clothing in Kirchanschōring, Bavaria for over

300 years

Now in it's eleventh generation, the Meindl family company continue to lead the way in high quality technical footwear by making only the worlds very best boots!

Lukas and Lars MEindl

The eleventh generation of Meindl master shoe makers

MEINDL in Kirchanschöring

District of Traunstein in Bavaria, Germany


Stager Sport is the appointed distributor of Meindl. We've been doing it for over thirty years. Our mission is to get you into the right shoe.

The key to happy feet is correct boot selection for your purpose and correct size selection for your feet. We're here to help with both of those points.

The Managing Director of Stager Sport is Joel Bradley.

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