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Guffert Design Attributes

Meindl Guffert tech diagram

Guffert Features

Meindl Digafix
  • DIGAfix® lacing system. Provides perfect support to the ankle and holds the heel into the boots heel counter to increase stability and guard against heel rubbing and blisters.
  • Open shaft laces hooks for quick don and doff and lace locking.
  • Comfort fit® features:
    • More room for toes and more capacity.
    • More ball width and straight adjustment of the big toe.
    • Wider stance due to wider sole base.
    • Perfect fit due to the snug-fitting heel.
  • Internal polymer toe cap with generous volume.

  • Meindl (MFS) Memory Foam System. Heat activated responsive memory foam padding in key fit and support areas to ensure an amazingly customised fit.
  • Very comfortable orthotic full-length differential tapered polyamide shank with defined torsion and flexation zones. Medium flex to provide optimum support in as much of the use spectrum and terrain types as possible.
  • Flexible Crampon compatible.
  • Multi-core Polyaramid reinforced laces for ultimate strength and reliability
  • Synthetic internal structure supports to balance ankle support and flexibility. Rigidity and ankle support is optimised for use in heavy load carrying situations and movement across broken terrain.

  • GORE-TEX® lining for 100% waterproofness and vapour permeable breathability.
  • Comfort fit® cork insole with Poron® shock absorber, Cambrelle and fleece covering plus integrated arch pad. This provides full structural support to the foot.
  • Volume adjustment provided by 2 mm thick foam insert along midsole underneath footbed. If more space is needed, this padding between the footbed and the inner sole can be taken out. The foam layer simultaneously works in the shoe as a extra shock absorber.

  • Aggressive Meindl Multigriff® sole pattern provides optimum balance of adhesion, braking, lateral stability and toe thrust.
  • Meindl differential walking system. Differential roll effect is produced by the shank and sole to encourage efficient gait.
  • EVA foam midsole for excellent shock absorption, vibration dampening, rebound and flexibility.
  • Rubber outsole optimised for use in rural terrain with self-cleaning profile.
  • Weight: 880gm per shoe in size 8UK
  • Height: 20cm in size 8UK
  • UK 6-13 in half sizes, 14, 15 in whole sizes