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Eagle Design

Meindl Eagle design priorities

Eagle Features

  • Anoline leather that will accept a shine, ever popular with Sergeant Majors the world over.
  • Open shaft laces hooks for quick don and doff.
  • Multi-core Polyaramid reinforced laces for ultimate strength and reliability.
  • Classic instep lace eyelets for a Regimental and uniformed appearance when worn under trousers.
  • GORE-TEX® lining for 100% waterproofness and vapour permeable breathability.
  • High Denier Cordura panels for maximum breathability.
  • Internal polymer toe cap with generous volume.
  • PU midsole for the optimum balance of shock absorption, vibration dampening, rebound and flexibility.
  • Soft walking rubber outsole ideal for silent movement and running in an urban environment.
  • Very comfortable orthotic full-length differential tapered polyamide shank with defined torsion and flexation zones. Light to medium flex for increased flexibility in urban terrain.
  • Synthetic internal structure supports to balance ankle support and flexibility.


  • AIR-ACTIVE® SOFT PRINT footbed by Vildona® wicks perspiration from the feet and transport it away from the sole to the permeable lining.
  • Fuel Oil Lubricant & Acid resistant sole
  • Antistatic design and sole unit to safely dissipate static build up for use in explosive environments.
  • Polyamide shank provides penetration resistance to sole unit.
  • Weight: 740gm per shoe in size 8UK
  • Height: 19cm in size 8UK
  • UK 3.5-12 in half sizes, 13, 14 in whole sizes